Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ethics Issue 11-1

When someone is watching me at my job or in school I do tend to work harder because I want to please the person who is either in charge or is reviewing some of my work. I tend to over achieve and want to always perform at my best and make the other person happy with the work that I have done. I do believe that I fit the criteria under Hawthores Effect because it describes me perfectly when being observed.

I agree with the research that was performed and I do however believe that this research can have a psychological affect on others because they might not act in the same way and crack under the pressure to the point where they perform worse then normal. An observation in this case can be a bad form of data gathering technique because it can could not show the actual performance of an individual especially if they know they are going to be observed and either perform to the ability as to where they normally don't perform, whether it be good or bad performance.

Looking at this research and knowing where I fit into the catergory, It is relavent and irrelavent to say that this research works because it seems to be more biased and may not have the affect or reslts the person is looking for.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Censorship: Should certain material be restricted to select groups, or banned entirely from the Internet?

I chose the question, "should certain material be restricted to select groups, or banned entirely from the Internet?", because I feel that some age levels should not have all the access that they do for the Internet. I agree with the fact that things should be available but only to a certain age group and depending on the certain information that that person is looking for, should it or should it not be banned from the Internet entirely so children and teenagers do not get a hold of this to corrupt them in anyway. I also agree with the fact that children should have parental locks on their certain pages so they parents have the control until they are old enough to decide what they are allowed to search and discover.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

What I hope to get out of CSI 112 this semester

   In this class this semester, I hope to accomplish, learning the how to use some of the Word programs that i either don't know or have not spent much time on, some of the components behind a computer so I might be able to fix it, and the importance of why we really need these computers in our lives especially now more than ever.